Most of the time problems are meant to be solved, as life is a puzzle. But unfortunately not always. And especially in relationships some puzzles are never solved. Yep, sorry sisters. Just one fun fact though, mostly the cellphone causes problems.

Want to figure out the (forever) missing puzzle pieces? Have a read, sisters.


Partner is needlessly argumentative.                  Most of the time this happens at home as my dad really believes differently than us, but in a relationship, well good luck. No one is right–think of it as a game but with more serious elements. Who really wins if teamwork is all you need? “It’s a problem if one or both partners provoke arguments and then look for reasons to not forgive the other,” Lisa Schmidt said. “What makes it worse is when the inability to forgive is followed by a refusal to discuss the issue further.”


Being pushed away.                                                 Remember the previous post on clingy girlfriends? No matter how much we want to avoid it, we all have our own style of clinginess. Personally mine is texting and FB-ing whenever I feel like I have nothing to do. But unfortunately, he may not want to talk all the time and will only answer if he feels like it is right. (Thankfully L is super nice!) Just make sure he isn’t someone with no life or else..good luck.


Not being able to open up.                                       Being able to open is one of the most important elements in a relationship. Unexpressed feelings may be carried around like a huge backpack. Imagine in this situation, it’s a backpack you are NEVER allowed to put down. Tiring isn’t it? Unexpressed feelings can cause anxiety and depression. So don’t be scared to even cry (bonus points if he’s cute!)



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