And here we gooooo! Round 2 of questions for guys that you girls are too shy to ask. If you haven’t read my previous posts, you’re missing a lot so back up and explore more of my blog. (Besides that, there’s more than that so come on!)

“Why are guys obsessed with boobs? What do they reeeally look for in a relationship? And what do they think of all those selfies you post on social media?”Have you ever tried to ask your guy friends this? Well, I guess not. I did then one of them told me that he chooses to keep mum about this. Since we don’t usually ask (and this applies to other things too) we over analyze and all the ”what-ifs” keep flowing into our heads. Good news, some of them will disappear today with those questions and answers. XD


What’s the idea of a perfect date?             A picnic with some special trimmings, e.g. confetti or cute flower designs around the blanket. It has to overlook a lovely river or the ocean and plus is if the moon is there!


What would you describe as clingy?            2 key words are insecure and possessive. Simply one who does not like to part no matter what and doubts if the guy really loves her or what. UGH. Don’t be that type ladies.


What do you think of selfies?                          As long as they’re not using them to get attention, then it’s okay. Depends on how it’s done. If the person seems insecure and friendless then it’s probably just a pry to get attention.




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