Why do relationships fail? With all the dumb stories I hear I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the new norm. Sorry guys, I’m that paranoid. My mom has tried to explain relationships to me, e.g. why my grandparents divorced and it’s all ”they didn’t wait for the right time”

While that is the factor I cling on to the most, there may be other ones. Of course, it’s sometimes issues with school, anger, health/mental conditions and so forth. Read on.


Not understanding give and take.           Any solid relationship needs a balance of these 2 elements. That’s my weakness, I confess. Being an only child and self proclaimed spoiled brat (haha! it’s just not me who says) I feel like I want everything all at once and when something gets taken away have a tantrum with myself. In relationships though you can’t be like this for your partner won’t know what you want and you might end up NEVER agreeing. Be careful, sisters.


Lack of authentic communication.             Learn how to express feelings properly. As a theater actress, my teacher recently taught me how to be sensitive to our audience and our SO is audience in the relationship. Create a loving and safe environment where you can pour your emotions out of the big backpack, if you know what I mean and have a good cry if you want to.


Making each other laugh.                              Sometimes it’s best not to take things seriously and just smile and feel like kids with each other. Remember, life is not always celery and sour cream but roses and rainbows if you choose what. Another thing my theater teacher taught me is to never over think but just jump in! I owe you for that, Sir Steven.


couples do differently photo by Staffan Scherz


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