No matter how loved we feel by our friends/boyfriends, there is only one person who will love you forever. Guess who? Clue: It’s a woman in your family.

Okay time’s up, it’s your mama. She’s done everything, from pushing you out of her birth canal and watching you go through hard pains and sufferings to loving you unconditionally and staying up late to give you advice about your current problems. And the best part is, no matter if you’re 2 or 21, you will always be her baby girl. ❤


She’s a better cook than you’ll imagine.           Don’t believe moms who say they suck at cooking and have zero experience. Who do you think prepared your lunch as simple as your favorite spaghetti or chicken sandwiches? For the latter if you at least boiled the meat haha! In a chef’s perspective, I’ll probably always be second best for Mom is # 1 cooking champion.


Being able to call all of the time.                             From weird feelings on your crush or annoyance about someone, who do you call? Mom-busters! Yes, that is so true. Don’t ever feel like you’re disturbing her at work because, with her daughters, it’s 24-7 duty. But please do not over exert her by making her answer all your questions because hey, a lady’s got to think on her feet too!


Sleeping in her bed.                                                       My momophobia (and yes, I still carry the memory) made me want to be BESIDE her literally every night up until I was 14. (Yeah, that’s right.) I couldn’t sleep if she was in the next bed and would even tuck her arm under me as a little kid.



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