Men, as stated in my previous posts, don’t want to admit what they really want in a relationship. It may be social conditioning or previous suffering (we’ll never know, trust me) but they do silently suffer when their emotional needs aren’t met. We are all women here so today we’ll focus on what men really want. Hopefully this article will put a stop to miscommunications and verbal let downs.


Respect.           Men always view respect as love. Right now writing this I realized that when my guy friend asked if I respected him during my episodes of…(you’ve seen the previous post) it was really deep for him. And now I feel bad and hopefully I can fix it soon. The next time you do something, he will have a hard time trusting you for you let him down. 😦 That’s why ladies don’t do the same thing to your man especially if he highly respects you. Show equal justice! And how will you know what’s best for him?


Emotional intimacy.           Men have been taught, probably ever since 10 years old, to be emotionally strong and not let others get the best of them. And when they enter relationships, it’s their safe place to fall. You need to make sure you’ll be able to handle it well and not be like ”NOOO!” when he cries in front of you. Be sensitive and show some empathy which will draw you closer.


Physical touch.                        Even if it’s the conservative type, then yeah. If you put your hand on his neck it means big to him. But of course, don’t do it randomly as it can creep someone out. Pretend to be super involved as you do so, just like when I did Wednesday at summer workshop pretending to make sure he followed the activity instructions.


monochrome picture of sweet couple in bed


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