I’m a texter who always gets in trouble. It’s because most of the time I’m not shy to be myself around people and that is most of the time through the net where you LITERALLY don’t get into much trouble. But of course that can be changed and I know how to be serious so don’t worry about me. 😉 If I really like you. Anyway thanks for accepting me and always playing along with my texts L, even if it means me poking fun at your moles. :)) Sorry guys yeah I have an interest for moles which even you may wonder about.


The jealous text.            Guys are capable of being friendly creatures and it doesn’t always mean they are cheating on you. It will never work if you bombard them with questions of why you are seeing them today. One tip though if you really can’t stand it, like me who is constantly OC and needs to know all the panic every second, : let him vent and bring the other friend up when he vents.


Texts gossiping about others.               Believe it or not, they don’t care about your friend’s crush unless it involves their friends who possibly tell you about them. But think first and look at what type of guy he is: interesting or not interesting.


Texts asking what you think of them.             NEVER EVER. Despite how well the relationship is going it may kill their impression of you. Sisters, please don’t. Depending on how you are, I personally being the worrier, it will create more stress and chaos than it should ever be. (Yeah, sorry L, I did more than that on our first meeting.) Just keep the conversation light and sooner or later he’ll get a clue.





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