Despite all the years of talking and getting to know each other, on occasion with a little sweetness, you want it to last forever and it’s normal. Good news, sisters! According to studies now, more guys are onto longer time already. ❤

“It’s absolutely true, but it’s not without conditions,” says Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind? “You have to make a strategic effort to trigger that craving in him once you’re in a relationship because the spark in your bond won’t last if you neglect it.”


Reach into his pocket for his keys.        Main reason is if you want to go somewhere or you want him to take you back home. (Last line reminds me of my song with OP for we’re both people who have complex problems in life) Studies show that just by stimulating his nerve endings it makes a man want more and he secretly misses it the moment you leave, even if he won’t admit it. Practical example: if you want some candy and he says he’s got something in his pocket, just simply reach into it.


Compliment him the way it should be.            They don’t always ask for it, but believe me sisters, it’s something they secretly want. “More than anything, men desire the feeling of being desired,” says Bernstein. “When a man hears praise from his partner, it reinforces that she’s attracted to him, which further intensifies his feelings for her.” What kind of comments you may ask? Simple ones may start off well, but if he does something really well, such as sing a song, then tell him how much you loved it and what it reminded you of. Other crushie, I’m sure your mama will be ”proud of her boy”. ❤


Check out his rivals. (Oh, and check out L the celebrity! loljk)        Love moves in mysterious, and sometimes by mysterious, meaning bizarre ways. I’m a self-confessed bizarre which OP had to get used to but well he loves me. Hahahaha! According to studies, men become more attractive to their partners when they check out other men just like them. Plus is it makes them more clingy and afraid to lose you. Ways To Make Him Ache For You


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