For those who are a) either starting college or b) almost going to it you may be facing a lot of ”trouble”. Well not for me for all I have is catering management and on the job training. Sadly my college life is ending soon. What trouble? You might ask. What I’m talking about is school–waking up every day early and cramming soooo much homework.

But I’m glad that I stayed positive and happy from the time I started this blog and I may want to study somewhere else again, but we’ll see. And by positive I mean positive in ANYTHING even the midst of school. 🙂 You know what? You can do it to if you pay attention to these tips.


Leave all school drama at school.           If a friend upsets you or you’re having trouble with your grades, leave it at school and don’t take it out on others at home otherwise your home life will be affected too. Most of the time bullying is the case so don’t be afraid to speak to someone if needed. Glad that my mom found out during elementary years and sided with me.


Find a hobby.                                                  Awkward stage tip, more of it if you haven’t gone through it. Personally during 2nd to 3rd year my hobby was writing that I had tons and tons of notebooks. It’s still pretty obvious up to this day, right? Just don’t forget your homework and work for YOU not for anyone else.


Forget and forgive.                                         No one is perfect, we have to remember that. Not even your nicest cousin or your sweetest teacher. Past is past, put it all behind. All those meltdowns about my past life and guilt I’ve been told that.




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