Believe it or not, many guys don’t know they are wonderful and we girls notice everything about them. That’s why I’m not shy to strike up convos with just anyone random in parties for that’s my way of making them feel special. 🙂 Take my current fling for example, he was just sitting in our school’s cafe where I work and not many guys frequent since it’s an all girls school so i took advantage and talked to him. Later on when i felt i needed to stretch a thought occured: ”He’s someone i can be myself around.” And i was right for he doesn’t mind my awkwardness and weird texts such as ”I’m gonna eat L___’s moles” ahahaha


Outfit.              It says how much you care, even about your personal aura and what shines inside and out. Nice stuff like well pressed shirts and skinny jeans say it all, but if obviously you’re not trying hard enough then it’s goodbye old pal, you’ve been a perfect friend. Any boyfriend fashion tips for me personally?


Eyes.                I don’t really care personally and don’t even notice but I’m not fixated on one eye color either. After all, here in the country we’re all black or brownish pupils. As long as it goes well with your sunny disposition and face then baby I’m perfect for you.


Laugh. No fake laughs allowed for i want it to be as genuine as my love for you. According to my mom, my emotions go the same way.




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