I’m a mind reader, meaning I always sense when a person is lying or what. But that may not be true too for I’m pretty optimistic. Well, what is? Haha! The only problem though is that it’s hard to read boys’ minds for they sometimes switch to one place or another and as people say, ”You’ll never know.” Ugh tough life. But here are probably some questions you have always wanted to know…and answers right for it! You’re welcome, sisters.


What do they like to do on dates?

They love ANYTHING! Hooray for us spontaneous women who like to drag (well in my case) their men to everything. ❤ As long as he loves us and knows were having a good time..and I’m the lucky one. 🙂


What do they do with their friends?

Watch sports and eat. My love, you’re lookin good now that you’ve gained some muscle=appearance. Maybe you can join me for swimming sometime. Ah, this morning swim was amazing. ^.^


Thoughts on padded bras?

Teaser and turns us on. Especially if you’re a dancing queen young and sweet only 17…(music) ahahhaha sorry





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