”Geesh, I am your girlfriend not your secretary/sitter/maid whatever!”

The line i will probably utter to my boyfriend if he’s weird and asks me to do anything. But i definitely know that he’s not going to do that for he’s a good person but sure, doesn’t everyone have their lazy days? I’ll admit that this week has been my lazy week but tomorrow is UP Fair/iHop night so yay! I take my real break.

But anyway girls, if you’re wondering about what a good guy will not ask you to do, here’s a list. Read on sisters.


Buy gifts for other people HE wants to give to.                Sure i can tag along (or maybe vice versa for he goes ANYWHERE. Weirdo) but asking me to go to the mens shop while im out shopping with my best friend? Sorry, nope. As much as i read i don’t want to make the painful mistake of not knowing what fellow guys want.


Make a sandwich.                                                               Personally i love making ANYTHING and everything and proudly i literally do so for he’s a regular customer at the cafe i’m working at. But if it’s everyday you may wonder, ”You have feet, why don’t you use them?” or if you’re the type who likes typical humor ”Will the food walk to the couch itself?” hahahaha. But sure baby, on occasion i’d be proud of making a unique Nutella/Cookie Butter mix up. ❤ As long as its for me to share.


Lose weight.                                                                        Honestly i can say that he kind of gained weight this Christmas season but also has gotten more muscular. Thanks to the wonderful Christmas foods like turkey, lasagna, etc. (Yes, losing some pounds is part of MY own bucket list too.) If you don’t like how his belly has grown for usually this is the most unattractive part for males then instead why not invite him to a sports session? My prayer is that i will find one if only.





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