There’s nothing wrong with showing your significant other that you care but, as my mom told me last night about this guy, ”He will get suffocated and later on altogether avoid you.” Because i admit i’m madly in love with this guy named L that i met at my workplace wherein he is a regular customer. ❤ Maybe when you’re married you can pepper him with all the love/verbal kisses but now it’s time to keep a little space.

How can you do that? Simple talks and affirmations or a kiss or two are okay, but these are definitely NOT. (Personally, the number one thing i hate is when they call their boyfriends Daddy and even husbands. EW.)


Taking care of his wounds.                            I work in the kitchen so it’s natural for me to get a little scrape or even a cut, which is the deepest kitchen accident i had thank God it required no stitches! When the same ordeal happens, go as far as emphasizing and checking it but no to touching it or healing! He really can’t handle it? If another doctor is doing something like an injection/stitches then simply holding his hand is enough.


Cutting his toe nails.                     Why do you think salons exist? Yes, even for men that’s their agenda so keep your hands away from his precious pointers. (Sorry, sisters. Distance is important.)


Cleaning his house.                         Yes, aside from the things i mentioned, you are definitely not his housekeeper! A proper man wouldn’t hire a MAID rather hire a WIFE. Oh, if all husbands were like this. If he doesn’t know how to do any, give him a pep talk about it. You can start with, as my mom always reminds me, ”Ate Mercy is not a slave.”


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