Today I turn 21 and it is one of the most exciting moments in any girl’s life. I was chatting with my uncle in law and he told me it’s easy and to enjoy. Exact words? ”Try being 26.” Can’t wait until i reach that stage but yeah, today it’s time to focus on a new chapter. Awhile ago my friends (secret wasn’t kept apparently!) kept telling me i look more like 16-18 and even if i’m used to people saying so, made me very proud of myself that in the future when they hire me my youth and innocence will be exposed. 2 YEARS TIME. 😀

Wanna know my secret? While these are not all my secrets, they are my FUTURE secrets that even my sisters can pick up too.


Sunscreen everyday.           For my cousin Anne, it’s BB Cream everyday.  According to a new skin study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, daily, year-round sunscreen use can significantly slow down the skin’s aging process by as much as 24 percent. So whether or not, don’t forget to slap on a bit. And yes, since they fall in the same category, BB Cream works too. Maybe i should dig in my closet a bit. 😉


Sleep more.                          These days, I find myself watching less TV and going straight to bed but even when i’m reading, my mom gets concerned and tells me ”Lack of sleep causes you to get pimples.” And i agree with the weight gain thing too. Hope my body forgives me last night though where i wasn’t able to doze off because of too much coffee. Ugh. One more thing, it can damage your skin too for it leads to big puffy under eye circles.


Handle stress head on.              Learn to manage your stress instead of letting it affect you. Didn’t happen but well i was close just now for i thought the computer deleted my hard earned document 😦 When you feel your temper rising try to read a good book or change of scenery works like one mom who said it works when her child is mad and she brings him out with her.

								8 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Look Younger








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