”I’ve been studying all my life? How come I’ve still been failing?”

Did you ever think this way? Well, unfortunately, sorry to say sister, the way most people study isn’t the way it is supposed to be. And i myself kind of get lazy too and am not the most diligent person. (Sorry, high school.) That’s the conclusion of Washington University in St. Louis psychologists Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel — who’ve spent a combined 80 years studying learning and memory. They say it’s a terrible way to learn memory: basically reading and re reading your notes.

Now you think you’re a bad student? Don’t fret! That’s why i’m here to help you and myself with some strategies although less study for me this sem and more work since we’re focusing more on graduation. (Course is culinary, by the way.) I’m talking about stuff like flash cards and mnemonics. (Hmm, i wonder if Brina Maxino, valedictorian with Down Syndrome, did all of this?)


Ask lots of questions.                     To yourself, i mean. This means reading a question, memorizing a bit, and quizzing yourself. Sometimes i try to do this but my memory is terrible that i end up looking at the answer all over again. #studentlifeprobs. Even if you make a mistake, it just gives you the proper diagnostics or what and helps you find a way to study more effectively.


Use flash cards.                                It’s actually a good way of testing your memory and seeing if you got the answer right (using the backside) just like the previous statement. If you have more mistakes then right, then go back to the questions with mistakes and test again.


There’s no such thing as a math genius, no matter what.              Students tend to have one or two mindsets about learning. Among the two, personally i go with the growth mindset wherein i make up effective strategies and try to just casually engage myself while waiting for my grade. Hate setting study goals, that’s why. And if you’re on the same train, it’s a good thing for students with my mindset tend to succeed more than students who push themselves to the limit. 🙂





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