Right Now Na Na Na…: Signs He TRULY Loves You

He will never leave me in the dark..speaks literally for me as well for i’m scared of the dark when i sleep. Ugh! That’s the reason why i don’t go to sleepovers and am afraid if someone will find out. #firstworldprobs Anyway, I’m slowly learning to overcome it and proud to say it has somewhat improved.

Communication, as all known, is the key to every strong relationship whether it be romantic or friendly. Depending on the person and how they grew up it’s important to keep track of how to communicate and what to do about each other’s perspective. As my friend Jennyfer told me awhile ago during a semi deep conversation, ”It’s all about perspective, Katkat.”

If he truly loves you here are things he will not let you wonder about.


If he thinks you’re pretty or what.           It’s just not about physical attraction and i understand more and more of this as i write here. As this fun fact from Howcast says, they become more and more beautiful when you fall in love with them because of chemical reactions in the brain. But well, it’s just science so okay. Compliments and sweet gestures already mean tons to us trust me. After all i’m a woman lol jk


If you’re worth the effort.                             You’ll find out when you see his gestures and feel it in your heart when he really goes out of his way for you.


If he’s still looking for self improvement.                   Personally me and my partner have the same problem (ADHD) and we’re both looking for ways to improve it and work harder so the future world won’t be hard for both of us. 🙂 He loves video games and studies even late at night (quote: ”Studies choose when one sleeps”) while me on the other hand read more and more magazines/blogs. Glad to say i started one myself to help others with issues and everyone notices i’ve improved a lot. Added benefit goes to our relationship created by one of us. God bless our LizQuen Just The Way You Are story.

Never Wonder About If He Truly Loves You




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