Let’s Give The Crown To…: Signs You’re Girlfriend Material

What does this crown say? Well it says NEWEST GIRLFRIEND OF ….. or whoever you like. As expected, usually you’d expect a smiley girl with perfect white teeth and beautiful hair and nails. Sometimes it will be the not-so-perfect one outside but the perfect one with the attitude. Ah, this takes me back to my freshman year prom. ^.^ I won Cinderella Award for i really did glam up that evening wherein at school my hair flies everywhere and i look a bit more haggard than usual. haha

But what does the ultimate guy look for? Someone who is sweet, smart, and sensitive to his needs. And i am exactly that for i will always think of you first and put your needs before mine. This screams pick me lol jk. But if you’re seriously wondering then here’s a little something for you?


Smart.                       It’s okay to be laid back and relax during the high school days, but better not. Looking back, i kind of think i should have done a better job unlike elementary test scores were high. College you definitely need to be on the lookout for guys like someone who takes things like a lady and has knowledge. Be yourself and don’t pretend you don’t know.


Appreciating doing things in the moment.           Guys just love spontaneousness! Don’t fret if you don’t have anything in the box to do for if you make the most out of everything your life will be better, and your LOVE LIFE too. For example, building cardboard boxes and pretending they are your homes may be perfect to him.


Don’t be too uptight and serious.                                 When you laugh and open up once in awhile they will love it rather than if you want anything always in the box and proper as said in the previous point. Sing along to the car radio music or make some little jokes when you’re doing the dishes or shopping trust me he’ll love it! Hey, the latter can be perfect to kid him that he secretly loves shopping haha




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