(?) Things I Like About You (insert list): Things A Man Wishes You’d Say To Him

Words can make or break. And most of the time, especially in romantic relationships, you’d rather your words make you. Am I right, sisters?

Now that I’ve sort of thrown myself into the dating world (goal is to get married after college. Not that im hurrying tho) I’ve been thinking about how to build the perfect man. Speaking of this topic, there’s this song called Build A Girl that I take to heart the lyrics of. Curious? Go listen to it on Spotify. But let me share one of them, blonde and sweet like Chrisley Knows Best’ Chase. TBH am stalking him on twitter rn

Men usually give us what we deserve but since it’s a give and take world, what can we give back to them? Here are some recent studies have shown.


You make me feel safe.                A man’s ultimate goal is to make you feel special and loved–things that i keep in mind especially from last night’s baby shower for my Aunt Alex. One man even said about this,  “When a woman tells me those two things, I feel I’ve built a good place for us in which all other things are possible.” Anything is possible if you put your heart to it sweet.


Let’s go out.                                      Something you’ll definitely hear from me all of the time! Not a day where I want to stay in only exception if he doesn’t have money and i really want to spend time with him. (e.g. saying he’s broke and will just Torrent a movie) But at least in my opinion it’s better if we go somewhere so there are more activities to choose from favorite being the mall activity area where the most random kanzadoodles happen ahahahahha. Staying it, for the more introverted sisters? Go have a jog date or cook something.


Thank you.                                       Mom ALWAYS has to remind me of this in public and it’s quite embarrassing. (sorry, mom.) But with him if she does definitely i’ll love her all the more! ❤ Because he needs to know you love him and need him with you. Guys always try their best to make their girls happy so make them feel their job is good enough. One guy said, ””That she sees me working hard and she appreciates the efforts and results,”


7 Surprising Things Men Are Dying To Hear You Say



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