I’m In <3 With You And All These Little Things: What Tiny Stuff Make A Date Cool?

After reading all my posts these days, you still think dating is hard? Well, i don’t think so! But here’s more just to make sure you’re okay. Sometimes my friends ask me weird stuff like if i know how to control their different cellphone units and i ask why then they reply with, ”Just making sure.” And writing this, i realized it’s just because they care about you as much as i care about my sisters.

Cherish these little gestures that turn a date into something more fantabulous and keep them coming for more to come! And remember, there’s no such thing as an actual date. As long as you’re happy and safe is already considered one. Whether it’s jogging or watching funny videos at home. Now friends i get what you were talking about haha


When they act all concerned asking you to text when you get home.              Obviously if you go on a second date/agree to it obviously it meant you were safe. Bonus points if you go and look prettier than everrr proof that life’s storms really didn’t knock you down and kept you radiant.


When they do something out of the box (but of course not illegal!).                   I’m up for that and am on to introduce L to more since he’s more of an in the box guy. 2 things you can start off with if you’re concerned about being safe are playing in random playgrounds at midnight or going up to the mountains looking for the most social area? With the latter, just make sure it’s not too dark. (Thanks Reddit for the suggestions!)


Hearing ”goodnight” from them.                              Most of the time i’m the one who says it during our night Facebook chats together. I just love when they say goodnight back for it makes me feel like they really do care and (hopefully?) have dreams on me. I had a dream about finally meeting this guy in person and hugging him and he responded with ”Cuuute”


Little Things That Make Every Date Awesome


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