IDK What I Love You For: Ways You Are More Than You Think

If you think it’s all about looks, you’re wrong. All my life i’ll admit it i’ve been concerned about the standard of beauty and feeling pretty. Growing up, when i saw a not so attractive girl with a guy, I wondered, ”How did they get to where they are?” Wasn’t being mean or anything but a little bit frank. Only a little.

Our confidence develops as we grow older past that ugly little girl who no one likes stage to popular princess everybody likes. While not all are fortunate to be blessed with such kinds, the ones that are have an amazing future prepared ahead of them. ❤ But as Bieber said, love yourself and don’t hold on to what others’ say.

Still don’t feel confident? Go read ahead.


Outwardly it doesn’t define who you are inside.             But always take care of your outside looks as well–brush your hair, teeth, etc. because the way you try to shine talks about the way you are inside as well. (We all do know that, right?) What is even better though is your attitude, work ethic, smile, religious spirit. Personally, I am a proud Christian.


Everyone has their special thing in life.                             That’s what my mom told me one evening when i was weeping hysterically because of some typical teen girl issues. She told me catching the latest TV shows isn’t important but having a special purpose. It can be either writing, playing this game, your phone with special importance. Personally it is writing that’s why i started this blog obviously. haha. Find your real passion and embrace it the tightest you can. ❤


Having no single cares is hotter.                                              Bonus points for it makes you look younger. Always I’ve wondered why those kids with Down Syndrome don’t look at all their age until i realized they don’t let many things affect them. They are pretty amazing for they’re loving and cuter than all typical people one example is my friend Lauren. Since I’ve been overthinking stuff i adopted a new standard for 2016: know what is real from imagination. Whenever i get super stressed, my brain tends to make up an imaginary world full of doubts, failures, etc. Just be calm and if you can’t, watch Inside Out and tell me what you learned.


youre amazing


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