I Do Not Hook Uuuup…I Go Slow: Gross Things To Never Do In Front Of Your BF

Sometimes guys scare me or any people, latter goes for my bad days. And i am socially anxious too. Well i’m the lucky one because just recently i found the best guy i had dreamed of: from my neighboring school that is nationwide popular, nerdy, and as weird as me. At least i know i’ll be safe because of two things: works for SPEED an org for special educators and his parents are part of the guidance counselor category.

We’re not yet official but i’ve introduced his picture to my relatives and can’t wait for the day it will happen. He pretty much hangs out in my workplace (our school cafe) when he feels like he needs a little chill which is most of the time so once i get to know him better. ❤ And i’ll be snagging that seat from now on. No one has ever drilled me when the perfect time to fart, burp, and act weird in front of him is so this article will probably help you and us.


Never poop in front of him.             For us girls, it’s okay to do it. One of my high school batch mates during our retreat did so and she didn’t even mind it. As she says, ”Everyone poops.” And one of my best friends isn’t shy to poop in front of her sisters. Wow people are looser than i think hahaha. Trust me even though he does it in front of his family (but i think he does it only when no one is around!) once you do it in front of him he will never get it out of his head.


Never order a salad and eat all his food.           If you want 2 piece chicken/double Quarter Pounder order, or both if you’re feeling completely feisty! Also it’s cheating if you order a salad then steal out of his fries etc. These days i don’t eat any more salads for food is too hard to resist. 😉


Fart like you’re attacking 3,000 zombies. (c/o of my cousin Inna).             These days, it can be considered a controversial issue. Personally, my guy doesn’t like farting and doesn’t understand why it’s even funny. That’s the serious side i’m talking about, sisters. 🙂 Promise, L, never will i fart in your presence.




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