Everybody Has Those Days: Signs Your Man May Be Insecure

Everyone has days where they feel they’re not good enough but what if it’s all the time? Then nah, something must be happening. To our men? Yes, even guys feel as insecure as girls. Introducing the topic, I’m giving one sign: overly clingy. I have a cousin who used to spend weekends with us but he never let me do anything. Although it was annoying, i understand for he has some confidence issues too.

”The ones who are hard to love are the ones who need it the most.” quotes my mom. That’s why they act like they want to be with you all the time. That’s why they act attention seeking and whiny. It’s because all they want is for you to prove you love them and all. AW this sounds too sweet.

As sweet as it does sound, it can be annoying sometimes can’t it? I hate people who complain and whine about every little thing no matter what. (Sorry, i sound mean?) Especially if you feel like you can’t go on with your life anymore because of this.

Here are some signs he may need some serious help.


He doesn’t have a lot of friends or interests.             After talking to this guy he asked me if i have a lot of friends and it hit me. The answer is yes (I’ve been in the popular department all my life, you can say?) but it just inspired me to keep my friendships well rounded. Writing this now i realize i must have been overly clingy but in my case it’s only because i love them. ❤ Okay, I’m ready for judging. haha but if his case is on the opposite of my world, another sign is giving up the friends he does have just to hang with you. Despite talking to him before I made sure not to forget my friends, no matter how wrapped up i was in this relationship.


Says that you’re his everything.                                      You’re his reason for living–like a fresh brook to a thirsty deer. While reading my Chicken Soup for the Soul books i’ve encountered some cases like this and it sort of made me feel sorry for the men but thankfully girls are stronger so no cases for that. yay! Once or twice is okay but if his world falls apart when you (notice the metaphor) then you better start thinking.


Stalking on social media (bonus points if it’s in one of the rare websites e.g. iPhoneogram).                  Everything and EVERY minute you post something he either likes or comments. And the creepiest thing is if he gets upset if you post something without even telling him what was up. NO STALKERS ALLOWED IN THIS BLOG IS MY NEW RULE

insecure boyfriend


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