If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Ring on it: Simple Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

I’ve just started trimming around my bikini area (yes, you can say dream come true!) and it kind of feels uncomfortable these days. 2 worst parts are vagina getting all sweaty like it just had a workout (although the title of the post explains it all) and itchiness all around. Sometimes making it hard to sleep. ughh

But don’t you fret! You’ll get used to it and still if you don’t you’re at the right place for help.


Oak Gall berries– You can either eat them or rub them down there. Gooseberries are a good suggestion too! It helps strengthen and tighten the walls of your vag.


Witch Hazel– As i said, as usual it can be rubbed down there if your skin isn’t that sensitive. Once a week is fine.


Pueraria Mirifica– It is used to increase the pull of your vagina during intercourse and BONUS! also used to enlarge breasts. Thank God i’m one of the fortunate women with Big Hills (and eyes lol jk)



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