Wake Uuupppp…Your Sleeping Heart: Thoughts You Have Before An Exam

Thank God it’s over for us Miriam students! 🙂 Meaning more sleep and making break productive (if you’re as spontaneous as me). But can you imagine what we had to endure to get here to this point? Well, that’s how life is. And everything has and end and works out so don’t worry. Who can relate to these statements?


I think I’m falling asleep.        What most of us say after an exam. All you want is to reunite with your bed, like a relative you haven’t seen and are only seeing for vacation in the province. Sadly for me, i have never seen them but can’t wait for the day! Last time we had a family reunion that’s why we couldn’t. Anyway, me and my bed have been doing well thanks for asking lol.



I hate Consti/Investment Math (or any subject you dread!).          Yes, 100% hate. I’m stuck with you all school year though so i just learned to love you. And it’s a bonus if your teachers are really nice. Thank the Lord for Sir Maribbay (last sem) and Atty. Lao (this sem.)



What if I fail.           Yes, what will my parents say? 😦 How will my reputation and future life be affected? I so cannot. I am the grandchild of a famous businessperson so no way i can fail. UGH my reputation if i dont pass what will people say? how will i get a job? dflkdkfhhffhf (breaks down in tears)



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