Even When I’m Acting Crazy Tell Me Everything’s Alright: Traits of an Unconditional Husband

Seeing many stories in the news about rape, divorce, and on and off relationships may cause us to doubt love and WHO is really meant to be? But i read something on Facebook recently that says when you get back together you are. So my hopes rise up, then they break again. 😦 Will Justin and Selena’s relationship ever last to the end? We’ll see about that. They’re the greatest example of on and off.

Regardless of all the controversies, true love does last. As my mom always tells me when i bring it up, ”God will give you the right guy at the right time.” Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor: the song dedicated to the guy I’m talking to. ❤


He addresses problems compassionately.          Pays attention to your feelings–no matter what they are. Feelings are part of everything and make people who they are. I remember during our first meeting i ”demanded” to know why he asked if i want to switch seats then he explained that maybe i was about to meet someone. How thoughtful lol! Okay this may sound awk but yeah.


He knows you better than you know yourself.            Studies every little detail from how you order food or what. He’s a psychology student so he easily can assume how we’re going to turn out after this, and when i react wrongly can give me just the right solution. But he’s just a student so i don’t expect much. (Sorry, love.)


He kisses your tears away (and if he has some power can dry them loljk).     In a way nobody can, he can provide comfort and make you feel like everything is okay. On my days when i cried due to loneliness i imagined him cuddling me and telling me ”no more crying” then suddenly my energy level boosted up! 🙂 If he has great understanding your heart will be pulled back together in no time at all.





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