What’s Done Is Done and I Can’t Change It!: Things No Girl Can Deny

Men are not the only species that deny they do stuff, even women do. Usually it’s for the same reason: they don’t want to appear weak. It’s no point trying to change them for it’s all normality anyway and people who understand us are just the most fortunate. haha

For example when your hair feels greasy and you’re sweating obviously no matter how cliche you just rub in some hair cream and put it in a bun. 🙂 But thankfully for me im always in aircon environments so no sweat for me. But for you sisters, everyone sweats. True or false? Duh, true. Here are some more stuff we can surely relate to.


When you eat fruit and feel sexier than ever.           My mom always encourages me to eat more fruits, emphasizing that i don’t ever eat them. Well, that’s not true for i do eat them: grapes and apples are my favorites. And come on: has no one EVER eaten a fruit? Be honest sisters. Unfortunately now i need more than fruits for my hyperthyroidism is acting up and i need a tablet to keep me in the shape i am.


When you think your pad is in the right place (or just want to make sure).           Being the OC girl i am, i can’t help but do it in public. But hey before you panic not out in front of people! I usually hide my butt in one corner and slip my hand between my legs to fix it–just like a newly changed diaper. I’ve experienced it falling and blood leaking all over. UGH not a pleasant experience


When i feel my makeup did it all but my selfies make me look ”normal”.     Sad sob story. (cries) Unfortunately, as i learned during the past, not everyone will appreciate your efforts. And that probably means even your makeup. It’s a sad reality sisters but real nonetheless.


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.42.41


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