My Best Friend aka Brother is the one for me!: Why Your Male Cousin Is Your Bestie

Sometimes we hate guys and love them, and that includes our family. (Sorry, cousins, but you are males and fall under the category. haha) Despite our fights and disagreements, don’t forget to look at the fun stuff like inside jokes (Ba-ba-ba-ba-bernie! lol. we used it to tease our mad friend) and over protectiveness. The latter is not always pleasant but worth it. See you tomorrow at the Christmas party Malec. 🙂


They have got your back.         When something is wrong, you can turn to him for he’ll always be there for you. Whether parent fights, school troubles–he knows it all or at least feels it. Especially both of us are pretty quirky and as my fellow DJ said, ”awkwardly beautiful” lol


He will keep your secrets, as long as you keep his too.             Just like the golden rule: keep his and he will keep yours. I know his family history, even the darkest parts of it. Me and my mom pray for it everyday.


SOO MANY inside jokes!                   We’re both very random thus thoughts like us pop up in our heads then we have a good laugh. XD Like when, as i mentioned, made our mad friend rage by joking him, thus making us a major trigger for him. HAHAHA. Also our favorite game: randomly flipping through books and choosing what is our favorite (you name it)


But im a girl hahahahaha


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