”It’s like an open wound, when you touch it what happens?”: Things About Loving a Highly Sensitive Person

The line that my mom utters to me when we talk about people who have suffered all kinds of hurt, exclusively in our family. And sometimes, believe it or not, i feel like an open wound too but thank God resources have made me realize it is not at all weird.

Strong feelings scare me, for one. And what do i mean by that? Strong feelings such as crying uncontrollably, great anger (which i survived last night by my stressed cousin!), and all that. Also little things tend to ruin my day (but that depends on my mood tho) such as being stuck somewhere, not going to the place i wanted to. Actually just now my dad changed plans for the meeting so im stuck here with my mom. Grrr!

We, and my fellow sisters who feel that way, are what we call highly sensitive people. Aside from processing how we think it can also affect our relationships. If ever you want to start dating me or anyone who is highly sensitive take a look at these tips too.


We need alone time.              This allows our brain to process everything, to make room for new thoughts. How happy i am as soon as i close the door to my room and am alone with my thoughts. But believe me when i say its not always easy to get done haha because of the fear of self denial. 😦 When you, sisters this is your part, want to be alone tell them ”I’m taking some down time, and i’ll be gone for ___” make sure you stick to your limit or else next time you’ll not be allowed to do it anymore.


Men are likely as sensitive as us.          Most people believe real men are not, but that is definitely a myth. Real men cry and aren’t afraid to show their emotions such as the recent local starlet Alden Richards while performing God Gave Me You. 😦 ugh so touching! According to stats, young males are more likely to be sensitive in Asian countries such as China and here in the Philippines.


We make better decisions.              If your spouse is as sensitive as you (the guy im talking to is!) then you may want to refer to him when tough decisions cross your path. And we learn from experience too: I won’t want to go back to this giant fried chicken resto after not devouring everything and my stomach not being able to hold it. Also the chicken skin is horrible.




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