I Want A Mom That Can Read Me Stories..: Things Youth Need from Parents for their Godly Relationship

Before you sigh and say ”All relationship stuff? I’m tired of this already?” don’t. This next article is not about relationships with men, rather relationships with our parents and God. Are you relieved now? Kidding aside.

These days, many people leave the church sadly our generation. It’s alarming how they choose to ruin their lives with drugs and other outside vices, when they can turn to God. When i got into trouble at school early that year for bullying the guidance counselor asked my parents if they have been present in my life thus after that they decided to do so.

Parents are the primary link between God and the children. Every word, action, and deed is a milestone if the child chooses to follow.


We need them to pray our faith will be sustained.          Me and my parents never forget to pray together for ”the family that prays together, stays together”. I admit i get tired of the long prayer we have every morning but they won’t give up, no matter my complaints and stuff. I’m thankful though because my relationship with God is getting stronger each day.


We need them to see our struggles and doubts.            They have taught me to hold on to God, during my tough teenage hormonal years. Whenever i needed comfort i always held close to my mom who assured me that everything will be all right but she also reminded me to choose my attitude. No longer do i think that life is for living only thanks to her or the big word, SURVIVING.


We need them to limit their protection. (You heard that right sorry).     The world has become more and more evil. Dad is really updated with the news so he doesn’t let me walk around the mall alone anymore because of the latest snatching incidents wherein they dress you then parents won’t recognize you anymore. OOOOH scary. >.< When they protect you they don’t let you experience the dangers of the world thus depend on God alone for comfort. At least if you’re still the worrisome parent it’s best you show them how to engage it so they will know next time what to do.


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