I Really (4x) like you: Ways He Shows He Loves You

Maybe your guy hasn’t told you he loves you yet and hasn’t even given a single clue. You begin to wonder if he really does love you or he’s just playing you. Sigh. Sometimes guys are so unpredictable and it’s so hard.

Like my previous article, if you’re a highly sensitive person it may deeply affect your relationship (not after you read this though!). Sisters, relax, he’s just what you’d call torpe in our language and is intimidated (most probably) by the fact lots of people may be jealous of him. As a female i sometimes feel that way too.


His friends love you.           If when you choose to hang out with them, personally i hang with random people around school, they make you feel welcome and feel extremely happy. It may be a sign they’re happy you’re making their friend and may start favoring you too. How cool is that? Just be careful not to act extra flirty–note to self–or else things will turn bad.


He calls and texts for no reason.            But not all people do that, especially introverted. Yes it can be that way no matter if you’re in a relationship or what. When he does though, it means he’s thinking of you and nothing else can brighten up his day. All my life i have dreamed of being the one who brightens up their day–involuntarily of course. Today i can say it came true already.


He laughs around–and that is a lot.             In a relationship i would love someone who laughs and smiles just as much as i do when i’m with someone i like. ❤ The most charming of them all would be when i make him laugh and he responds with laughter. When L and i were watching Must Be Love in our cafe i cant forget feeling the warm wind on my face when he laughed during the childhood scene of Kath and Daniel. hahaha


i love you


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