How Can I Make This Break (or any day) Productive: Hobbies That Make You Smarter

For a long time, i didn’t really think of myself as intelligent. Thought i was a typical clumsy kid who always got into trouble and forgot lots of stuff easily haha! My classmates who always got amazing grades and passed tests (although according to my mom my English was superior, that’s why i’m here) i perceived as naturally smart and i found it hard to live their well behaved life. haha. But i had a dream: wanted to become a preschool singer–that one who leads the songs.

But i developed socially and mentally with the tons of hobbies i took up, either during the summer or extra curricular. According to different sources, the brain creates new neural pathways that make it work faster and better as you expand your potential and knowledge.


Read anything.        Whether it’s a book, or even a magazine. Personally i prefer magazines for my attention span is shorter than the rest and i just like randomly flipping. (Yes, I’m a random girl. Notice how many times the key word has popped up here?) It helps with problem solving, detecting patterns, and responding to others’ feelings. I remember when i was a kid and confused my mom would ask me, ”Do you remember what ___ did?” then i knew what to do!


Learn a new language.               It’s as tedious as doing math, believe me. Some people even rage study it to get their mind off the stress and stuff. Memorizing complicated stuff makes your brain stronger and higher with mentally demanding tasks. Hope this sem is kind to me! Also it helps monitor your environment and boosts your IQ in processing. That’s one thing i wish i were superior at.


Exercise regularly.                  Occasional exercise doesn’t do the trick, usually full on does. Note to self since i’ve been too lazy to swim these days. Everyday workouts flood your cells with this protein that helps refresh your memory, focus, and understanding. The term is mental acuity.






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