How Will I Cope In The Future?: Mental Health Tips for Anyone

This month, people celebrate mental health. And it’s all sharing experiences and tips to do it. I am here to share some with you. Please note that it doesn’t mean you have issues, it’s just a part of normal life that i want you to care about. But for me, believe it or not, i have issues i can’t talk about sadly. That’s the dark side.

Anyway, thanks to friends and internet, i’ve gotten through most of my dark days. And life will always be worth living. 🙂


Worrying never changes a situation.        Sometimes i look back on my past and worry if i did something wrong, although everyone has doubts sometimes. (Have a ton of them i still need to get out! Only God can help) It is NEVER a good idea to worry for you can’t change what happened anyway. Instead, trust God and move on for better things always come to people who need/deserve it.


Don’t feel ashamed for needing therapy.          If you were sick, would you find it weak to take medicine? Duh. how will you get better even and that would be silly? hahahaha. Therapy is not forever it is just something to carry you through tough times and let you go when YOU feel ready. Remember YOU have to go decide on it. Just do what is needed and take good care. Only YOU will do in the future.


Remember no one is judging you.                           As much as you think people are looking down on you because of your condition, they are not. If ever you still feel they are, focus on changing. I remember getting upset when my friends wouldn’t allow me to do stuff then my mom reminded me to act stronger so they would let me. Or maybe since we’re from a pretty small high school it’s because they know my parents are strict. Well, i’ll never know haha. But it’s important i am loved by people who are true.


Remember that no one is judging you as much as you are.


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