How Does She Know that he loves her? (Part 2): Things Guys Do When Into You

Guys are tough to understand and the worst case, at least personally, is when they act all nice and sweet then next minute they act all angry and monstrous. UGH. And i’m still not sure about the 2 guys who showed they were interested in the past for the way they flirted was quite, well, literal. haha! I hope they weren’t playing me. Oh well.

Just lucky if you had the same situation that you have a sister (me!) who helps you understand what they really are up to. Although believe me, it’s not complete yet. Guess i wont find out until i am married lol!


He won’t stop texting/sending you PMs.        If you read this as PMS it may be your time of the month. Kidding, half not lol. (?) But he treats you like you guys are close and can just talk at anytime. In the girl talk land i’m relieved i’m not bugging my BFF by texting randomly–she has been busy and just started a new hobby called crocheting. New topic came to mind now. But in guy world, i’ve stopped replying to one for i don’t like him back.


He calls.             ”You used to call me on my cellphone…” will be my theme song for all my admirers, no matter if i liked them back or what. (Most of the time no. Ugh why is life like that!) When he wants to get more personal or intimate, he contacts you through your Drake song (like if you get it!) for some things are better talked over in private.


He tags you in things.         Recently it was a Christmas picture and he said it was sooo cute! Also he made it next level by putting it up for our bazaar. Doing this means he’s proud your alive. Ah, i’m honored. 😉



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