”What do you want to say to me?”: Things The Boyfie Should Be Telling You

In a relationship, communicating to your partner is as important as ever. The specific time for each compliment is not all at once for it can scare away people (I’ve scared guys before) but at least within  3-6 months if he says these things you’ll know he’s for you. Depending on your relationship it’s also a factor that decides if you will be single or what. Hopefully not tho sisters.


I adore you.        As long as they mean it in a non sexual way. Personally i am not ready until i feel it’s the right time. It just means he’s glad you exist and glad he found you.


I will never change you.       There are some things boys will never understand about us. As i said in the previous posts, it’s there job to take care of the complicated herd named Ribbons. We are who we are and dancing ’til it’s dawn. 😉 lol jk.


I accept your drama (totally me!).        Sometimes you’ve got those things you call hugot: it may be parent drama or just plain insecurity. Mine is the latter. It would just be sweet for him to tell me he can handle it especially this guy i’m talking to is also as insecure as me. So let’s share stories sometime. 🙂 And everyone fights a harder battle, so be kind. (Google that saying if interested.)

16 Things He Should Be Telling You


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