The 7 Things I Like About Youuuu: What Men Want In A Relationship

Oftentimes, men are reluctant to tell how they really feel. Maybe because they don’t want us to think of them as gay, maybe they’re just shy creatures, many reasons. No matter your gender this will give you greater clarity about both sexes and what they REALLY want, despite all the other articles or learning from experience. Well, not in my perspective at least for i’m still exploring. Say hello to Custard the Captain of the Ship of life. lol

After reading this article see if you’ll see your SO in a different way. Bon voyage!


Respect for your partner.             For men, respect = love. For them it is a requirement for they want you to love them at their core. How can you love someone unconditionally even if you don’t know who they are? Only God can but duh He knows everything. Best Man Ever. ❤ loves me and respects me, but of course corrects when wrong.


Physical touch (at the limit!).         As long as you have some form of touch, that’s enough for him. For them it’s the best kind of physical love-the one you show without compromising. Ways to start are just holding his hand during random conversations or head massage, like what i did yesterday out of boredom i admit to my friend.


Security.         Of course both sexes long for this in a relationship. This goes deeper than the fact you’ll stay forever, sisters so listen. It’s really how you think of him and support him in his career. 😀 Sometimes i get insecure about this so i need a boy who is a hundred percent supportive too. Also don’t be clingy or he’ll think ”Am i not showing enough love? Does she doubt my love?” Reminds me of mom in the past but it was really my fault. Sorry mama i love youuuu

Image result for brooklyn beckham

Sadly, bae is taken. </3 but i’ll find someone like you. (Adele feels)




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