Sniffly Nose! Ugh: Things To Do When You Feel Like Crap Physically

Who among you are experiencing colds now? Ugh, me too! Unpleasant isn’t it? It’s been 5 days already and nothing is happening. Mom says it’s probably because of delicious baked goods of my dad that i constantly eat but well. Sweets heal colds too so at least i’m on the right track. :>> Anyway, if you feel worse than me, don’t fret. Here’s a list of things we can do and just let it heal naturally.

By the way, I am Divergent and my guy is Insurgent. ❤ Tris and Four to be exact. ❤ x


Make the damn bed, sister.         When you feel all weak and just want to stay in bed all day…it may sound cruel but DON’T. Or at least go make it. Today was an exception though for it was the last day of my exams.


Take a shower.              You’ll feel fresher and even will gain a new perspective (coming from your body first of course!) Wash your hair and smell that raspberry scent of shower gel. Sadly i can’t use much because of my allergies but i can sing in there. XD Last night i just couldn’t stop.


Talk to someone but this time in person.          Staring at the computer screen for so long can cause vertigo and, according to my wise cousin, ruin your skin from UV rays. UGGHHH scary. Instead go visit a friend and talk and rant about everything…except for a few, you won’t be distracted with many stuff you’re supposed to do. Facebook reminds you of this all. (I still need to buy my exchange gift for Saturday’s party!)


Change your environment.


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