(nervous laugh) Oh come on, he’s not going to know: Things the Boyfriend Doesn’t Know

Your significant other doesn’t know EVERY TINY THING about you and that’s good! He doesn’t have to know anyway! Some things are classified as None of your Business. OK?

The following things are meant to be a secret and only should be revealed to you alone in the darkest corner of your mind. (With some chocolates…which are only imaginary! haha)


The fact we screenshot our conversations to our friends.       We want our best friends/even just friends to get a dose of kilig and butterflies we have in our stomachs! That’s normal so don’t think you’re doing something wrong. 😉 And im always happy my best friend supports me whenever i send those. One time i let her read a whole convo. As in from the start. :))


How long ago you got a wax or did something.       Thankful for my new bikini trimmer! At first it was itchy but it was worth feeling clean and i found a way to avoid a wax. YAY. For dates i recommend wearing long pants especially if your legs aren’t spotless yet so he won’t suspect.


The smell of your damn farts.         For most boys (or denial in the perspective of super OC ones) they want to believe that us girls don’t fart or poop. If ever he asks you or you start joking around (I could crack one about this topic any day) tell him they smell like roses and cotton candy. i’m sure he’ll fall for that. haha!




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