Just Believe Things Will Only Get Better: What To Do When Everything is going Wrong

Life is not life without problems. That’s the meaning of ”that’s life” whenever you whine about not being able to go someplace, have a break, etc. Go and learn to thrive with it.

There’s a thing with TOO MUCH unfortunately when it all starts crashing down the hill like a landslide, or sweeping up your personal space, in this case peace. You feel like EVERYTHING is wrong and nothing’s going right. Last night i was impressed with my ability to laugh like a normal person even though my problems deep inside are already overwhelming. :] And better news is exams are over so it’s time for Christmas breaaaaaaaak! :))) So learn to relax for it will get better. Remember, nothing is permanent.


Remember it can always be worse for others.       I once read a quote, well not exactly but i remember the words very well from the book i was reading, ”I told her if things are as bad as they seemed to be, then it couldn’t possibly get worse.” Each people have their own share of problems and some of them are harder, so be thankful for yours. 😉 haha! Trouble is truly a friend. Be thankful you’re alive. Last night while chatting with a friend about analyzing my past (sometimes it’s not always pleasant) she told me, ”At least buhay ka pa.” Last 3 words mean you’re still alive.


No to overthinking.         When bad things happen (or during my panic attacks) i can’t help but overthink for i suddenly become OC and stuff, wanting EVERYTHING to be solved all at once. Unfortunately it’s not always possible. You cannot change what happened so do not waste time crying over spilled milk. Either you accept it, trusting God to lead you to the best way.


Breathe.             Thank you, Ms. Trina! During our last day before exams she taught us some breathing exercises to combat stress while i also learned that you can’t avoid it unfortunately. Taking deep breaths will help you prevent feeling 100% horrible and as you do so you can reflect all the blessings you still have. It will all work. As Avril Lavigne said ”Whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly.” Yeah (4x)



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