It Hurts When I Pee!: Reasons Why People Get UTI

UTI is caused when bacteria enters the urethra and invades the bladders where our pee is stored. These bacteria are like the Marcoses of the body system and invade our ureters, kidneys, etc.

Kidney and bladder infections are different though, one difference is that kidney ones require procedures like dialysis and even something called a catheter put into you. Ouch! (I was asleep when they put it for surgery though, so no ouch for me.) One warning sign of either is if you piss blood or it hurts when you pee. One tip though: too much energy drinks can cause this just like it did to one of my friends.


Frequently holding your urine in.      When i was a kid, i had some urinary issues and my mom was very firm about how many hours i didn’t pee and such. That’s the reason why i became so paranoid about it as a kid that on one occasion or two, i would break down in tears. haha! just last night i came back to the fact i was a hypochondriac. In case you don’t know, it’s a person who doesn’t wanna get sick all the time. Anyway, straight to the point: holding your pee can cause germs to grow in your urethra.


You don’t drink enough water.             You won’t be peeing a lot if you don’t, but you WILL feel like you need to pee and trust me it sucks. Ugh. Even worse is you keep the bacteria in your system. During my kidney issues i would go at least 5-7 times in the afternoon with NOTHING coming out and used a ton of tissue.


Wiping back to front.          Whenever you do this, the bacteria from your anus goes to your urethra causing complicated things in your body, thus when they get tired body diagnoses itself with infection. It should be the other way around. And don’t forget a little rinse too if there’s a bidet.


Why Women Are Prone To UTI



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