Sleeping to No-Sleep Beauty: Ways To Look Fresh Even With Zero Sleep

Exam week. In other words, hell week. Hell especially for our skin that sweats and pimples develop. Thankfully for me no because probably my heavy periods make up for it. UGH EXTREMELY that when i get up at 3 i need to change my pads as well. Mom is thinking of buying me either maternity pads or diapers. What’s better, sisters? Leave a comment below!

The reason why we get spots or blotches on our skin (or heavy periods even like me!) is because our body doesn’t get the proper rest we need and the more you stress, the more your face ages. But good news this can be prevented! How? Read on.


Face masks.       After lacking sleep, our face tends to get dry thus reducing the natural oil from our pores. Keep it moist by putting on one for at least 15 minutes.


Moisturizer.        Avoid looking tired by slathering this on, either before you sleep or during the morning. If you want your fairy look to stay as fresh as ever, then i recommend both like i do every day of 365 days. lol


Lipstick (can be used a blush too).          Add some life to make your cheeks look less flushed with some lip loves. ❤ There, it will still make you beautiful thus surrounded by more friends AKA people that make you happy. haha




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