”My breasts feel sore! Damn.”: What Your Breasts Say About Your Health

Breasts are one of our body’s best friends, mentioning the fact that they communicate what’s going inside their body. If you haven’t thought of it, i wouldn’t fret for here’s a guide to breasts for women who are obsessed with their femininity and so concerned about their parts. (I am TO THE MAX. Everything i do is to the maxxx. ;)]

But, disclaimer, this does not mean you have breast cancer all at once. Generally speaking, this means that like your vagina, the upper part needs as much care too and SIGNS are all part of living. So you can relax now.


If your breasts are getting big, it can mean you’re gaining weight.     But not always, sometimes especially in this stage where your body is changing, it’s normal. While maximum 5 pounds are okay too much weight is NOT for it can put pressure on The Bee Hives.


If your breasts are getting small, it can mean your cycle is starting.     Like karma, what comes up must come down. So if this happens, chill and just imagine your breasts are on holiday. What’s your favorite vacation place, sisters?


If your breasts itch, you might have to wash your bra.        Can i do it at least on occasion, especially pre-period? Please Mom. (She hates doing lots of laundry and whines about it when it’s so much.) You don’t need to throw it away; just give it a little bath. Then after a day, you can use it again! 🙂

Image result for what your breasts say about you

Ugh, u made me hungry. #periodproblems


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