I-Google Mo!: Things Women Do That Men Will Never Get

We are one of the most confusing herds, which i may call Ribbons. New animal kingdom name hahaahha! And the reason for this is because, one little thing you say can sometimes drive us into beast mode and turn us into Ugly Bloodsuckers. But don’t worry, i’m trying not to make it happen for my mom complains about me doing this. ”You’re like your cousin. One thing was said, then you added so much to it already.” Yep. haha. Pray for me i won’t worry anymore especially since im going through so much right now. ((H)) Anyway, just try to take care of the Ribbons. That’s your responsibility as Zombreros (new male herd), brothers.

When we say we’re on a diet.       And it’s so annoying when you guys pester us about it! One time i was out with my grandpa and he, since his daughter had already gained weight, kept saying ”You’re eating again?” over and over every food i ate, last being the cheesecake. hahaha! Isn’t it okay to splurge? Turns out you are more concerned on being macho than us. hahaha. Probably we have curves thats why lol


Why we want to get married.        For you guys (actually for most people!) it’s commitment and having a lifetime full of joy and love. Especially when we’re on our periods all we want to do is EAT, EAT, EAT. I won’t do this and don’t believe this but most girls think that they can do so and i support each of my sisters so i support you guys too! Main idea is he will love you just how you are. ❤


What it is like living with one.           In our grandma’s time we were expected to be prim and proper, no matter the place. That’s why i got a lecture from my grandmother about leaving the aircon on and once for not flushing the toilet. The aircon one was severe though! Sorry that still doesn’t change the fact i’m as lazy and hate fixing the bed and hanging towels. And it doesn’t help that Mom tells me first thing i wake up, ”May chores ka pa.” She’s so Hispanic hahahahhaa lol


Image result for things we dont understand about women

My husband shall think this about me. :>>>>




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