It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Month…or Not: Ways To Take Care Of Your Hoohoo

As i write this, i have my period. Finally the answer to why i’ve been feeling quite angry and lonely these days! Or maybe my insecurities are battling up. UGH. Well thank God i have my friends to help me get through it. What would life be without them? Oh anyway, when it’s that time of the month, be sure to wash and clean there more carefully than you usually do.

Actually, ANY time. Not just this time of the month. You may wash and clean every day/sometimes for others every night before they go to sleep but trust me sisters there is even more to the eye what it is:


Only rinse with water.      In our mothers’ time, it was easy to follow. The only time girls washed with soap was before and after any intimate activity looks like it. With the loads of advertisments on all sorts of vaginal products, we are engaged to buy those if we believe it can make our intimate part smell better. Unless recommended by the gynos though, it’s best to just rinse with water. Don’t worry, Miss V, once my period is over it’s back to water for you. 😉


IF the gyno does recommend though, just like mine did…    Choose any fem soap that will not distort the PH Value. One tip, as my constitution tutor gave me the other night, is to look for the key words. So keep that in mind in the grocery store as you look for a very unique kind: PH Care. Out of all the women in the world (except my best friend who tells me it’s too harsh!) they recommend it and say they end up feeling fresh.


Do not use anything rough, such as a loofah.        Well, I’m sorry Ms. V if i did. All experimentation purposes, like all the other people i read about on Reddit. Hope you’ll forgive me. And the reason for this rule is it damages the mucous membrane, so it’s best to use either your hand or a gentle washcloth if you can’t shower.


Image result for ph care

Their latest variant. Trust me, i feel as fresh as ever.


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