Awwwww Kitty!: 10 Times Your Pet Showed It Loved You Without Being Obv.

When i was a teen, my mom got me a book that interpreted pet behaviors and WHY they did it–both for dogs and cats. But the cat one was separate for i bought it myself in the same thrift bookstore. And i think cats are meant to be for my nickname is Kat also lol. Friends joke me and say ”Kat has a cat.” Perfect homonym lol

But does your furry friend love you back? Duh, he has to. Well that may be the perfect answer but…yes sorry pets have deep perspective too…you can tell with other ways aside from rubbing against you for comfort or voluntarily cuddling on your lap/giving you a sloppy wet kiss. I’m sure after reading this you will appreciate your furry baby more!


Lightly touching their forehead (or any part!) against you.    I visited this dog cafe and suddenly this Irish setter just bopped, not the forehead but this part can still qualify, her nose on me! At first i wondered what it is but now writing this i realize it was a sign of affection. 🙂 This action can release endorphins that you can even share with ur pet. Sounds real affectionate doesn’t it?


Twitching the tip of their tail.    Usually Casey the Kitty does this whenever she’s finished a long, long rant about not enough food or just whatever this whiner thinks of. Ugh lol! Twitching the tail acts as a mood barometer and may mean, mostly for cats, ”You rock my world!” So she means i am better than her problems. (evil laugh here) For dogs it may be wagging very swiftly side to side.


Turning on the purr/pant power.       Whenever you hear ur pets inhale/exhale, e.g. cute bulldog Bruno when i scratched his calico belly, it usually associates with contentment. Bonus points if you add a smile for it tells you she loves you too!


Instagram media gooberbagooby - Morning

Hi Casey! hope ur reading in kitty net lol


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