This Person’s LOVE Profile Is Private: Why Should Keep It Offline

These days, we can just play with social media as long as we want–uploading the stupidest selfies/statuses. Which we may want to erase in the future. (While i haven’t experienced it, i’ve experienced it among my friends.) As what my dad says, it makes our mind bored and do the most idle stuff. Idle=stupid so bad luck for us. 😦

One of them is posting relationship stuff that may be a. too mushy or b. inappropriate. Now i’m not saying it’s bad to post stuff about your baes, but do it in moderate level and not like you own him. Just SIMPLY show you’re proud of him and happy to be his. (But as i said, not TOO MUCH). Here’s a simple guide to this issue.


OUTSIDE speaks more than inside.    I had a friend who got upset at her boyfriend (now husband!) for not liking her posts so her husband, being the thoughtful quirky type, liked all of them in one day. Touche. I respect she wanted to feel loved, but putting it in perspective the standard seems too high and expectant (with love, not babies of course haha!) Besides, does someone have to like ALWAYS?


The more time you spend time online, the less you spend time with people.         According to The Daily Mail, ignoring your partner and being on your phone causes depression and anxiety also self doubt, thinking WHY are you even in the relationship. :)) Put yourself in their place: if you were out with someone having a good time then they ignored you how would it be? Sad right. 😦 And you would never see them again.


Expectations become a bit realistic.     Social media forces us to see the good and bad in each person’s relationships, whether public or private. When my friend and her BF had a fight he temporarily blocked her access to his account saying she has none anymore. (GF doesn’t have a Facebook that’s why.) Grand gestures and thoughtful acts are posted online giving a bit of inspiration. 😉 But as women, when they forget even ONE (i.e. our birthday or Christmas) we worry that they don’t care about as much. Just remember that each person has a different way of showing love sometimes even though you don’t see it.


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