”My name is not on the list!”: Steps To Dealing With Rejection

”I can’t get off the ground. What did i do wrong?” *disappears into a puddle of tears*. Somebody else got what you wanted: sometimes someone even worse than you. 😦 And though it’s all the same, another time and place, repeating history and you’re getting sick of it–thank you, Ms. Taylor Swift for helping us express our feelings very well with your very meaningful songs. Sometimes you’re very excited, thinking about everything exciting until, you see the list, GASP! you didn’t make it? You start to panic: has there been some mistake? WHY didn’t i? and a flood of emotions/tears seeps out.

This (sometimes) depressing and lonely feeling is called rejections. It absolutely sucks and takes a real toll on your emotions, almost the feeling when someone dies or when you feel very insecure. Don’t worry: if you’ve been down in the dumps or are at least afraid of failing (ugh, good luck with my exams awhile ago! Those 2 papers tho huhu), here are some tips to help you (and even me):


Calm down, calm down. Okay, what’s the problem?         A line i usually say whenever my anxiety starts acting up. And for the latter question, DUH. What do you think is the problem? Anyway, take a deep breath and calm down. Can you still change it? No. Will crying solve the situation? No, only makes you feel worse afterward actually. There’s a reason for everything, sisters, even the worse things. (This morning i read a quote on Facebook saying that maybe they are leading you to the best. We’ll see.) You will soon get over it (there’s nothing you can do so choose to like it!). But despite your emotional tornado/disaster still be kind and respond properly to others who talk to you.


Feel the pain and face it.         If you want to cry, then go. Crying’s not bad, even my mom who is strict about my emotions believes so. Chuck a pillow at the wall or kick something (just be careful it’s not breakable!). Yesterday and even today i was feeling really angry and insecure because…well maybe my time of the month is coming so it helped that i chucked stuff at the walls and let out my tears, even 4-5 of them. Too literal haha! My mom told me off for having a tantrum at this age, but at least i was alone and my feelings are SLOWLY changing now. Just make sure to get back up and don’t let this defeat you. I have been telling myself ”good luck” over and over for 4 consecutive days already.


Begin again (writing this, i feel like i’m writing a game plan! haha).      When you’ve finally recovered (slowly, not fully) get back up and start anew. Maybe be brave and try again with another film, play, contest, etc. If it’s rejection with love, make friends with another boy. Lucky for me i have made friends and had ”deep” convos with a lot so i have many options. 😀 Life is all about taking risks and being brave enough to put all the broken pieces together.


taylor swift animated GIF


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