Huh? Will he really (insert verb here): Things The Right Man Will Never Make You Wonder

Respect and safety are 2 things you should consider first hand when you enter into a relationship. 🙂 Because it all makes up the big word discussed in this article: COMMUNICATION. This element makes it known whether a man loves you or what–and solves your doubts too.

Here are things a man wouldn’t make you wonder about. That is, if he truly treasures and values you. ❤


If he thinks you’re beautiful or what (and this can be outwardly or inwardly).     It’s not just about physical attraction, as i said right here. 🙂 Make your presence known, men, by giving little compliments and seeking attention in the cutest ways.


If he really envisions a future with you or is just ”skipping”.      If he is serious, he will focus on making plans with you and really will make them happen. ❤ Aww, how lovely. One is when he uses ”we” when he talks about adventures–whether travel or life.


If you are safe around him.         For the women, your part is telling/at least making him feel you are safe around him. XD If you are married and you stay up wondering about your relationships, if you did wrong or right, something is the problem.

the right guy


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