WASTED!: Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

Have you achieved your biggest dream yet? Well, i can say 2015 has been quite a year for me: lost some pounds, was able to come back to Trumpets Playshop, thankfully managed to pass my most difficult math subject (Investments), and finally got into the street team of the Philippines’ premier radio station. Oh, and let’s not forget that some of my writings were featured on sites like 8List and Candy Magazine. ❤

But sometimes, i ask myself, ”Why is it only now my life has become miraculous?” Never did i imagine that all of this stuff would happen to me. But then again, as my friend Candace (radio DJ) said, ”God works in mysterious ways.” Well He sure does!

Writing all of these, finally i get my answer. And hopefully if you’re wondering the same thing too good luck for you.


You’re living a life you don’t like.      This was me during my awkward stage, second to third year of high school. Finally i got the answer to my question: does college have an awkward stage too? It is no. 🙂 Are you happy with the current one you are living or what? No matter how much contentment you get, ENJOYMENT is the most important. Take a look at yourself and see some changes, or get out for awhile and explore. Hello Subic for me!


You’re addicted to your phone.       As a writer, i definitely need it for when i find ideas or competitions that will enable me to give my submissions. Whatever the case (or your job) don’t let it strain your relationships. That’s why for some reason i’m glad my grandmother made the rule ”no phones at the table”. Without it i get to hear nicer stories and share my times with them.


You don’t feed your mind.       If you’re not learning and growing as a big sister, businessperson or whatever you are stagnant–like an abandoned mansion or any building. 😦 Take time to take to heart any inspirational thing, whether it’s on a frameboard or advice from friends. Also a good magazine works, that’s why i never leave for vacation without them.


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