You Are The One Who Makes Me Happy: Signs You Have Found The One

Mr. Perfect does not exist, no matter how much you find it. Well, neither does Ms. Perfect anyway. All of us are flawed and weak especially me. Sometimes i feel i am the most flawed human being, making me suffer intermittent self doubt.

But luckily there are people who love us, despite everything we have done. Not counting your mom or dad you are lucky who have friends who accept you the way you are. What even better than a BOYfriend who does? ❤ If a guy doesn’t accept you that’s his problem not yours. But if he does, be happy for you may have found a new boyfriend. XD

How should i know, you may ask? Well, here are some reminders sister.


He makes you laugh.   More than anyone else, that is. I’ve been having inside jokes with guy friends and fun is one example. 🙂 When you spend time with him, you enjoy yourself. One guy i didn’t like back, my mom made me confess: ”You have so much fun when you are with him right?” hahaha


He asks about your day.      No matter how you feel. I had a crush on this guy then kept pestering him then he finally called me to talk about it. But i was relieved when he didn’t go straight to the topic asking how i was first for we were in separate churches already. When he asks that, it means he’s interested in how you’re doing striking up a convo. Bonus points if he’s a good listener.


Confident in his own skin.          That’s a plus point for girls too (in choosing guys). He doesn’t pretend to be interested in certain stuff just to impress, rather chooses to be himself. Thank God most guys i know are interesting enough. 😉 He doesn’t put others down too for lifting himself up. A word of warning though, if you pester too much, his superiority complex may develop and he may start so stop.



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