Let Me Go! Put Me Down! (child wailing): Struggles of a Stubborn Girl

I am probably one of the most stubborn people of this generation, believe it or not. Partly this is the reason i decided to write this blog to express my ideas freely and see how many people argue and put it up with me. Thankfully, none so far but my philo paper involves LOTS of them that i don’t even know how to do. :(( Lord, help me pass my finals. (Just happy my class standing is high though. I have really improved a looot.)

But when you face reality, it is quite a struggle. No matter how many arguments my dad puts up with me i will fight for what i know is best. And when it comes to work, i will fight for what i know is best. No fight or flight response here. NO NO NO NO

Welcome to my world (again) and see how much you can identify with this.

I can NEVER accept compliments. These days, i find myself denying them no matter how much i want to believe them. I’ve been on a diet (well, sort of) so when people say how much i lost weight, i’m like, ”No!” Probably because i don’t wanna grow up to be assuming. Daddy, i’m sorry for this morning. Fine, i lost weight. And i always tell people they are prettier.

”Sorry” barely comes out. At least in situations that need it, like being scolded for clowning around or teasing classmates at school. I’m not regretful of anything for i am who i am, and i am not afraid to show it. EVER. Just hope i won’t have to sing Sorry by Justin Bieber during our Christmas party loljk. But it’s half meant.

I wonder myself why i am this way. WHY? I don’t know. Feelings of guilt rush in for awhile but then i praise myself for i know who i am, know what i fight for, and love God more than ever. If Joe Bastianich ever scolded me the way he scolded Krissi (Masterchef Season 4): ”You think you’re smart, you think you know it all, then go cook it by yourself at home.” Yes, Sir.


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