”Kuya, do you love me?” Why Having Older Guy Cousins is Amazing

This was the line usually uttered by 7-8 year old me whenever my cousin Gorby would show up. I loved him and idolized him all my life that, ever since i was 4, i used to follow him around and repeat his words. (Was a bit echolalic, which made it worse. My darkest side.) When i turned 7, it was important to feel loved that i asked him constantly if he loved me and had my little heartbreak when he wouldn’t answer, either because he was tired or speechless. hahahah! Sorry, Kuya.

I never hated him though, no matter how many scoldings he gave me. The most recent one was when i pranked his account 2 summers ago which disappointed my mom too haha! Because of the nonsense statuses (”I’m going to eat my own moles”, e.g. See how weird i am) they thought he was losing his mind due to stress. Actually there are many light particles making up the bright side.


I seem more popular because of his friends.     Maybe so, because i have told people he was my cousin then they were like, ”Really?” And he was org mates with my crush before which made us talk together more. ❤ And i have many traits he has such as good communication skills.


He’ll always help you out.        Need advice on boys? On family? On friend fights? Don’t you fear, Kuya Gorby’s here. haha. The line he uttered to me when i was terrified of the dark as a little 8 year old. He will NEVER say no to anything except taking us to the playground when he’s tired. (No matter how nice he is, he still has his moments. Just like me, i tend to get SUPER mad at times.) The advice he gives me makes me look at him as more responsible and more giving.


Extra clothes.      Usually this means hand me downs, but he has his own siblings so it went to them. But when i was born the walker, high chair, and crib were passed down from him not to mention my rocking horse. But that’s another story. Simply i just remember bathing at his house and borrowing his clothes. Now probably when i want to try a more boyish style i may. Am i right, Gorby?



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